What It Is All About


This is a community of independent artists with like minds. Our aim is to give fellowship and support to one another via social media connections. The point is to find caring followers of your art.


Our artists are highlighted in The Art Archaeologist video show, which can be seen on You Tube. We also connect via Twitter to communicate and keep up with one another.


The show includes a lot of musical art, but artists from all genres are regularly included in The Art Archaeologist show. We have featured illustrators, poets, videographers, and even instructors in our episodes. So, even if your art is not "musical" please join our growing online commune. We wish to help artists from any area find caring followers.

How it works.

First, there is no fee, nor email spam, or selling of anything. No strings, no tricks, no nothing. This is just a community of friends in the arts. You are only asked to be present, active, sincere, and kind.


There are four ways to participate.


First: follow @jamieslatemusic on twitter and DM him that you wish to be added to The Art Archaeologist list.

Second: Subscribe to Jamie Slate Music on You Tube and follow the regular episodes of The Art Archaeologist. Follow the comments for various episodes and follow those folk too.

Third: Participate on both twitter and you tube with comments. Comments bring attention to you and caring followers.

Fourth: Ask to be included on an episode of The Art Archaeologist. We can include any artist be it performance (musical, dance, poetry reading) or static (illustrator, painter, videographer, photographer, or teacher, etc.) Jamie will provide original no charge music to accompany static artists.

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